Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Under The Weather

Been under the weather the past week. My son likes to share his germs!! Feeling much better now.
Went to my meeting Friday, unfortunately was up 3 pounds. Will power goes right out the window when you don't feel 100% and don't have much of an appetite, you seem to crave all the wrong foods. I guess that's why they are called comfort foods!!!! We discussed some tips for surviving the up coming Holiday season, like taking smaller portions of dessert and putting them on the smallest plate and maybe eating them with a baby spoon, that way they last a lot longer and are more satisfying than if you just 'wolf' them down. Also making cakes with a cake mix, a can of pumpkin and a little water to make the batter the right consistency OR cake mix and a can of soda (diet or regular), no really, that's all you need, try it you will be surprised.
Well this posting is short and sweet, but I'm back on track and raring to go!!!!

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