Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life Is Good.... I Think!!

Had a pretty good week last week.
Got tired of the same old thing for lunch, so made myself a veggie frittata. Used one whole egg and 3 egg whites (3 points) and then veggies: sauteed a whole portabello cap, some onion and a whole load of spinach, poured the egg over the top, cooked it a little and then finished it off under the broiler (heads up, if you don't think the handle of your pan is oven proof cover it with a thick layer of foil), then sprinkled one points worth of parmesan over the top, delicious, very filling and only 4 points and 3 vegetables. TIP: freeze the egg yolks in a ziplock bag and when you have 8 make yourself a batch of lemon curd, easy recipe in September issue of Martha Stewarts Everyday Food magazine: everydayfoodmag.com
Friday was a little disappointing at weigh in. I stayed the same, but such is life, at least I didn't gain
Finished reading The Lost Symbol on Sunday it goes on my list of all time favorite books, Dan Brown certainly likes to keep the suspense going and knows how to leave the reader wanting more, can't wait for the movie. The book certainly leaves you thinking about the power of the mind and made me think of A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle ( another of my all time favorites) I think that I just might have to reread it!
Made a great 2 point salad dressing last night: 1 tblspn dijon mustard, 2 teaspns olive oil, 1 teaspn honey and the juice of half a lightly squeezed lemon, very tasty, and uses up your oil requirement, if you don't have lemon you could use a teaspn or 2 of vinegar.
Well can't sit hear all day must go do my exercises!!!!

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