Friday, October 16, 2009

An introduction

New to this blogging thing! So here goes. Perhaps a little about me is in order.
In my 20's
Fun loving, hard working, traveling, average weight!
In my 30's
Still fun loving, married, first child, packed on the pounds-oh boy!!! second child, added some more pounds, busy stay at home mom, third child, added even more pounds, life not so fun loving, but trying to be.
In my 40's
Remain a stay at home mom, raising children, doing for everyone, I take a back seat! Some success with weight loss thanks to Weight Watchers, so busy taking care of everyone where did my life go? Time for me. Food allergies---bummer!

Time to take a stand, enjoy life, turn over a new leaf. Perhaps this blogging thing will help me get my thoughts in order. Oh to be fun loving and care free again. Get some meaning back in my life.

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